Alan Raw

Claire Cameron is an outstanding artist. She has worked tirelessly to perfect her skills as a Singer, Songwriter, Pianist and recording artist. The results have been celebrated by headline performances at some of the UK’s top venues and multiple plays on BBC Radio. I highly recommend Claire Cameron as a music professional.

James Moy

First on in the evening was a young lady called Claire Cameron. Playing solo piano and singing well planned personal songs. Claire got the evening started in a sophisticated fashion, easing the crowd into it.

Philip Regan

The Claire Cameron Band offer alternative rock storytelling with deliberate themes of love, trauma and broken relationships. Their instruments produce melodies that blend with passionate vocals and time to create authentic, multi-layered journeys – ones that strangely raise the spirit, despite the downcast subject matter…..  ‘Love of you’ bursts into life with piano and drums that energise from the start. Claire’s vocals are clear and offer great depth. It kicks into extra gears all the way up to five – a consistent feature of most songs on the album, along with the dynamic, attitude-laced climaxes…..   ‘Question Every Day’ is the best track overall. An atmospheric, chilling, wintery intro gives way to lyrics that provide hope for the future after a traumatic, draining relationship (‘you could not be further from, the kind of man I’d waste my loving on’). It seems to pay homage to ‘Free Bird’ and other long rock songs during the final guitar solo for an explosive ending.

Chelle and Ruth

With influences ranging from Beyonce to Led Zeppelin, there is most definitely something for everyone in Claire Cameron Band’s music, and I suggest if they are playing a gig near you, you go and check them out! Concluding the gig was ‘Exposition’ a rather darker, heavier track, to which the crowd clapped along to for its entirety. A perfect end to a successful gig, the acapella ending absolutely left the audience craving more, who were screaming so by the end. Claire simply replied to the hungry crowd ‘you’ll have to buy the CD if you want to hear more tonight’ and with a gracious bow, was gone.

Paul Abraham

A solo performance by Claire Cameron followed and the quality remained, with some wonderful compositions which were provided with powerful vocals and delicate keyboard playing. While some keyboard players “lose” their audience, Claire kept everyone interested and showed why many people class her as the best female-keyboard player on the circuit at present.

Rebecca Atkinson, No Title Magazine

The music of Claire Cameron Band takes a cross section of almost every genre imaginable and flits between them in a surprisingly cohesive manner. Rock, metal, folk and prog all have a place on ‘Time I Start’ as the captivating voice of front-woman Claire, along with the hooky choruses, drive the song forwards. ‘No Illusions’ is gentler but equally well constructed with sweeping guitar from Pete Nash while subtle keyboard parts offer a perfect backdrop to the powerful vocals. ‘Question Every Day’ sees the rock vibe return with a vengeance as the rhythm section kicks things up a notch and the ending guitar solo reaches just the right level of self-indulgence to be really satisfying. Overall the effect is very ‘Fleetwood Mac-meets-Imogen Heap’ but with something a little more volatile and fiery lurking below the melodic surface. After several years on the circuit it is great to see that Claire has found a band with which her talent can truly thrive.

Scott Hunter

Thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics, punchy piano, solid rhythms, electric guitar snaking in and out of powerful verses and catchy choruses; Claire Cameron has it all. It’s been a while since I’ve heard an original talent supported by such a sympathetic and exciting band. Claire is not only a chanteuse of considerable charisma but a poet to boot – she draws you into her songs so that you are living the emotion she obviously felt during composition. Comparisons? Hmm, a difficult one. Tori Amos meets Fleetwood Mac? Check ‘em out while you can still see them in the clubs and decide for yourself – they are destined for greater things.

Rev Chunky

‘I was amazed at your songs, beautifully written, played and sung. I am now an official fan. Peace

Andrew Sugden

Leeds Festival Fringe finale ended in style at the ‘Well’ on Wednesday with Claire Cameron hosting a gorgeous night of music. Claire Cameron and her band played out the Fringe with flamboyant flair. Energetic, contemporary and unique, Claire’s band had the audience writhing and clapping with pulse quickening rhythms combined with delicious harmony and melody and a stunningly visual stage presence. What a great night at the ‘Well’ anybody who didn’t go missed out!

Borin Van Loon

Angular, challenging passages are skillfully built into the songs which often swirl around Claire’s outstanding voice. Pete Nash’s guitar is always inventive and varied in tonality and technique, but always musical and always at the service of the songs. The same can be said of the experienced bassist, Mike James whose unfussy, magical bass meshes with Jim ‘The Hit’ Gaylard’s drumming to provide the ideal rhythm section for the band. This is a band comfortable in each other’s musical company and inspired by the input from each member. The last and perhaps the most prominent thing to strike the listener was the sheer variety of songs and treatments. Conga mixed with controlled feedback, a touch of reggae rhythm complements a controlled instrumental wig out! So many shades and colours from a four piece; the recent of introduction of backing vocals from Pete and Jim only extend this. Claire Cameron Band – the whole world’s watching. If they’re not yet, they soon will be.

Rebecca Atkinson

Claire Cameron Band are regulars on the local gigging circuit and their highly accomplished and experimental style begs the question as to why they have not been snapped up already and flown off to bigger and grander things. Their set begins very strongly meshing complex guitar parts, powerful vocals and interestingly off kilter keyboard sections with personal lyrics and a confident stage persona. After a beautiful rendition of ‘Amethyst’ they finish strongly with a cover of Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’ that puts Beyonce’s perfume advert rendition to shame. The band are so diverse in their style that not everything they do is crowd pleasing but their stage presence and the simultaneously gritty and polished nature of their performance keeps things interesting.


The 21st January proved a frenetic lively Friday night at the Library in Leeds at the 360 Club. We dropped in and watched the Claire Cameron Band a while. ‘Well Claire’s done it again, a wonderful performance, wowing the packed noisy throng with her sleek elegant looks, powerfully evocative, passionate voice, personal lyrics and restrained yet paradoxically free almost improvised keyboarding. This combined with intricate hand percussion on a pair of conga’s and a cymbal by Jim Gaylard and distinctive rhythmic guitaring by Pete Nash produce a purely contemporary experience and a band truly worth travelling to see.

London City Reviews

Claire Cameron Band’s music is a perfect example of the rough with the smooth, an acoustic soft rock blend with Claire, the lead singer’s, being the rose between several thorns, her voice certainly has a certain je ne sais quoi!

Borin Van loon

Claire’s connection with the audience is immediate her powerful, soaring voice singing favourites ‘Question every day’, ‘Time I start’, ‘Amethyst’ and ‘Spinning tops’ brought rapturous applause from the crowd. A storming encore finished a hot, memorable evening


Cameron’s beautiful, haunting, candid vocals that travel on dreamlike keyboard parts simply demand to be heard. We’ve got our eyes on her, we recommend you do the same.

Jumbo Records

If you’ve seen them live then you’ll already know how great they are but for those not afforded the pleasure well, you’re in for a treat. Lush complex arrangements that mix up indie/rock/pop influences into a hook-laden, well crafted 7 tracker. Add to that Claire’s heavenly vocals and you’ve got a winner for sure.

Ryan Maxwell

Another album release from Yorkshire proves to be a contributing factor to the widespread talent of UK artists. Production features the likes of Mike D, Skuza and Darkstar, and features guest appearances from PCP and No Change. Other guest appearances include the very talented and beautiful ‘Claire Cameron’ who lends her vocals on ‘Slaves’ and ‘Demographic’.


This is my first time seeing Claire perform with her band. I really haven’t given them a chance before, but two songs in and my jaw is on the floor. This is four musicians at the top of their game performing aural massage on my frontal lobe. There’s also an immense sense of ‘That’s our girl!’ from the Idol camp, ‘cause she’s one of us now

Michelle Dalgety

From the first time I saw Claire Cameron play I knew a brilliant recording would one day emerge, Time Will Tell is a truly incredible collection of songs, Claire’s vocals are impressive and her keyboard style suits the emotional journey of the album exceptionally well. Having seen Claire live many times and having heard the new album I expected to enjoy the first live performance of it, what actually happened was I was blown away by the wonderful, theatrical, powerful and emotional performance, of Claire and her excellent band. The songs are original, well written and delivered with great passion.

Rob Smith

Claire brings her natural passion and exuberance to her music, embracing her fellow musicians and the audience alike with energy, harmony and clear musical direction. Her work rate is phenomenal, both in terms of composing and performing – and she has a growing band of fans.

Anna Newman

We were lucky enough to have Claire performing at one of the Leeds Rocks events. Claire was punctual, professional and incredibly attentive. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed her creative set and talents. I look forward to working with Claire and the band again sometime in the near future.

Jim Gaylard

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Claire for over 4 years, she is an excellent musician with a tremendous work ethic and vast experience. A great friend and colleague.

Mike Davis

I worked with Claire on a past album project for which I was the main producer. She provided vocals on several of the tracks and I found her to be a very creative individual who became an integral part of the process. She has outstanding vocal abilities and a brilliant work ethic. I would highly recommend Claire for any vocal application as she has great range, ability and style.

Dan Akers

Claire is an extremely talented singer and multi-instrumentalist, with a powerful and beautiful voice. She gives her heart and soul to anything she plays, whether her own compositions or classic covers. Music is the thing that makes her smile more than anything else, and that’s what she brings to her performances. It’s love!

Brett Biggs

Claire is a highly flamboyant songwriter and keyboard player. She is the creator of dozens of beautiful and articulate songs, always with an air of confidence missing in many musicians. I’ve always thought she was influenced by far more genres of music than she ever let on about!!! As a singer Claire has a tone of voice instantly recognisable, a very sweet ambience to it. Her versatility here lies in an ability to read into lyric content, and translate this with a unique emotive vocal slant. I’d recommend Claire as a solo act, band member, collaborator, or backing musician without hesitation.

Rachel Gardner

Claire is an excellent performer who delivers an energetic and captivating performance. Not the usual female singer songwriter, Claire combines elements of rock and metal with her powerful and well controlled voice to produce songs of a high calibre that will grab your attention. Not only is Claire an excellent musician she is also a consummate professional and highly personal to deal with.

The Impaler Speaks on Time Will Tell

There is a somewhat epic nature of the Claire Cameron Band’s compositions….Claire and her bandmates add layers of guitars, vocals, and keys – all with a distinctly symphonic-metal quality – to the softly woven tapestry of dreamy pop that lies at the heart of Claire’s vocal style and melodies. The five songs making up ‘Time Will Tell’ – ‘Love Of You’, ‘Spinning Tops’, ‘Black Albatross’, ‘Question Every Day’, and ‘Exposition’ – form a cohesive whole, almost as if this were a concept record or the musical component of a larger performance piece.

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