About The New Single ‘The Past Is Not The Now’

The Past Is Not The Now Claire Cameron feat. Pete Nash, Artwork by Chloe Kutkus Morton

I wrote ‘The Past Is Not The Now’ as I was starting to emerge from a dark and stormy time and strive upwards towards the light.

I think there will be parts of this song many people can relate to.  Life is not a simple, planned and executed novel.  Plans go awry, people make mistakes and people get hurt.  I have always struggled with the need to ‘get it right’, ‘do my best’, ‘give it my all’, ‘succeed’ and ‘be perfect’. That is not a reality anyone actually lives in, I see this now!

One of the biggest struggles for me is learning acceptance that the past happened, whether it happened in a way I wished for or not. It happened, it hurt and now I need to focus on the present.

This song is about that desire to move up and move out of the past. This involves allowing yourself to feel your reaction to it in order to live in the here and now, happily.  This can be challenging to do when past events have gone against what you expected or hoped for.

So, ‘The Past Is Not The Now‘ is a song for anyone who has ever experienced this. I salute your determination, resilience and inner strength. It is a celebration of stubbornly persisting, not giving up or giving in and finally leaving the past where it belongs – behind not in front of you. Let’s keep on going and live in the sunlight of the here and now. Enjoy the present moment!

Huge thanks to Pete Nash for his beautiful guitar, bass, drum programming, singing and arranging on the single at Electric Troubadour Circus. I loved every minute of working with Pete again musicially and he has such a skill for arranging and producing it was a privilege to record with him.

Thank you also to the extremely talented Chloe Kutkus Morton for understanding exactly what I wanted to express with the song and converting it into a beautiful visual impact with the artwork she designed. I love what she has created and will proudly hang it on my music wall.

I’ll be celebrating the launch of this single on Thursday 28th March at The Samuel Pepys Pub, Huntingdon. Do come along and join me, and three other singer songwriters for ‘Performers at The Pepys’ hosted by Gavin Chappell-Bates.

Claire X

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