Songwriting; moving on when the past still moves you

‘Moving on’ is such an overused phrase.  It also doesn’t usually work unless you stop in one place with the feelings you are trying to escape, first.

I’m in the process of finishing the third in a set of songs I’ve written about this very subject.

Songs live in my head and my heart for a while before I can sing them out and complete the process.

I usually write the piano part first, and then the melody comes out of playing the piano riff and the lyrics follow.

I know that it is a ‘real’ song developing when I don’t have to try too hard with the words and the melody. If they come easily and almost knowing what they want to say without me having to be involved I know it is right. I’m not a patient person generally, but I have be patient with my songwriting self because she does things in her own time in what can seem a slow creative process.

There is nothing more satisfying than the first time I sing a new song through and it has ‘settled’ into a story of sounds and feelings strung together coherently.

Singing it out is by far the best therapy I’ve ever experienced and it can also take me closer to an answer or a next step forward.

Moving on isn’t really it, actually. I prefer being, now.

This way life isn’t all about what is happening next but focussing on living in the moment!

Watch this space – I hope to record the new sounds soon……


Claire Cameron on Hunstanton Beach

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