Philip Regan

The Claire Cameron Band offer alternative rock storytelling with deliberate themes of love, trauma and broken relationships. Their instruments produce melodies that blend with passionate vocals and time to create authentic, multi-layered journeys – ones that strangely raise the spirit, despite the downcast subject matter…..  ‘Love of you’ bursts into life with piano and drums that energise from the start. Claire’s vocals are clear and offer great depth. It kicks into extra gears all the way up to five – a consistent feature of most songs on the album, along with the dynamic, attitude-laced climaxes…..   ‘Question Every Day’ is the best track overall. An atmospheric, chilling, wintery intro gives way to lyrics that provide hope for the future after a traumatic, draining relationship (‘you could not be further from, the kind of man I’d waste my loving on’). It seems to pay homage to ‘Free Bird’ and other long rock songs during the final guitar solo for an explosive ending.

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