Borin Van Loon

Angular, challenging passages are skillfully built into the songs which often swirl around Claire’s outstanding voice. Pete Nash’s guitar is always inventive and varied in tonality and technique, but always musical and always at the service of the songs. The same can be said of the experienced bassist, Mike James whose unfussy, magical bass meshes with Jim ‘The Hit’ Gaylard’s drumming to provide the ideal rhythm section for the band. This is a band comfortable in each other’s musical company and inspired by the input from each member. The last and perhaps the most prominent thing to strike the listener was the sheer variety of songs and treatments. Conga mixed with controlled feedback, a touch of reggae rhythm complements a controlled instrumental wig out! So many shades and colours from a four piece; the recent of introduction of backing vocals from Pete and Jim only extend this. Claire Cameron Band – the whole world’s watching. If they’re not yet, they soon will be.

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